Bike to Work Challenge

Friday was the last of the Bike to Work Challenge, which tries to extend the Bike To Work Day beyond a day.

We fielded four teams from work. There were ten on my team, only seven rode during any given week.
Although the final rankings won’t be posted for a few weeks, my team did well. We did over 1,700 total miles and 84 round trips during the month. The riders:

  • Megan
  • — was training for a cross-country charity ride, which helped her mileage. However, since it was a trip to work, sans car, it did count. Rode the most mileage, with a couple of back-to-back 75 mile days while it was really hot.

  • Me
  • — had the longest commute, barely edged out Jim in mileage, but he rode more trips than I did.

  • Jim
  • — lives a couple of miles from me, is a regular commuter (32 miles round trip), and looks it. He was my inspiration for riding in as much as I did and helped me flesh out one of the more annoying segments of my route.

  • Andy
  • — Andy was very consistent and tied Megan for the most round trips. Helped get us some signage throughout the building.

  • Natalie
  • — She came on fairly strong in the end and completed the eight trips. It took me a couple of weeks of email to realize she’s on my floor.

  • Alicia
  • — a new commuter, only did 6 of her 8 rides. However, she’s worthy of a gold star because she also did two triathlons and an event ride (7 hills of Kirkland) while this was going on.

  • Gilia
  • — Came somewhat close to doing her trips.

  • Doug
  • — Lives fairly close to work, but in the midst of several projects and didn’t make the eight rides. He’s going to be riding the RSVP with me in August and will probably blow me away.

  • David
  • — threw out his back the first week, and rode only twice.

  • Noah
  • — Rode once during the whole month.