Post your first name and home town and I will donate to the hurricane relief efforts

Charity sponsored: Red Cross

Ella and Woodstock
have organized an official de-lurking day. The concept is thus: most of us know there are folks who read our blogs who never comment.

Maybe you stumbled upon here because you’re wondering about blue interstate logo signs,
why cyclists wear strange clothes,
how weather is forecast, are those ‘lose 95 pounds by October’ ebay sales scams (hint: yes), is a gas dryer really cheaper to operate, what in the sam hill is the difference between Life, Oat Bran and Uncle Sam or whether a
coin dropped from a tall building kill you.

Maybe you’re just looking for something good to eat, like
pumpkin bacon cream pasta, molasses-ginger cookies,
shrimp gyoza (and need pictures), clam chowder, zucchini tostadas, or good salsa

Perhaps you prefer tales of
schedule chicken,
a good sales call, fear and loathing of analysts or stupid bureaucracy. Or, possibly, you have a rebate form for a trans-dimensional warp generator.

Now is your chance to come out of hiding and support a good cause: relief for survivors of hurricane Katrina.For every comment leaving a first name and home town on my blog by a unique person from now through Sunday at midnight Pacific, I’ll donate two dollars to the Red Cross.

Thanks to all those who have participated — the challenge is now completed. The donation for $100 has been sent (first half Friday night; second half Sunday morning).

Bonus note #2 (9/9/2005): my employer has matched my $100 donation with a donation to the Salvation Army. W00t!

And after you leave a comment, please visit some of the other participants:


  1. Kristin, hometown is so difficult, but currently Seattle. 🙂

  2. What an awesome idea — if I had a blog I’d do it too, as it is I’ll pitch in anyway of course…but this is so fun! Oh yeah, Harrisonburg, VA…

  3. Louisville…
    No comments about being a redneck, okay? We’re mostly democratic here in Louisville..
    It’s New Albany you want to avoid…
    Happy delurking.

  4. Thanks for participating, Jim! Home is Washington, DC, count my comment or not as you see fit (since I talked you into this in the first place [w])

  5. Thanks for helping those in need. I’m from Baton Rouge, LA (and know many people affected by this storm).

  6. Jarrett, Portland (OR). Great idea.

    I’d make a ‘Better Off Dead’ “I want my two dollars!” reference here, but it might seem callous.

  7. Hey–I must admit I followed the link about the penny off the Empire State Building and was enlightened.

    John here from “tastes like burning”–figured I’d best finish commenting before midnight eastern time.

    I like the blog.

    Oh, and I live in Victoria, BC. (Canada)

  8. I do not lurk. My name is Scout. I am from Portland, Oregon. And San Jose. And Santa Rosa. And Beaverton. And Cotati. And Rohnert Park. And San Rafael. But I was very little.

    So there.

    Give up your monies!

  9. Rachael.
    Hometown is currently Canberra, Australia. I was born in Cabbage Tree Creek (I kid you not) and grew up in Stawell, both in Victoria, Australia.

  10. Hi Jim!

    I wandered over here via common friend, Rachael (oz_bandicoot). This is the first time I have read any of your journal. I enjoyed reading the post about tossing a penny off the Empire State Bulding. I look forward to reading more when I get a chance!

    BTW, I applaud your fund raising idea!

    Glenn in Syracuse, NY

  11. Hi, I think I originally got here from, that sounds plausible, right?

    Joan in Baton Rouge, LA

  12. G’day Jim.

    What a great idea – if I’ve got my time conversion correct, this’ll have made it in time:-)

    Steve, whose home town is Melbourne,Australia although he’s been resident in or near Canberra, Australia for many years.

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