How many shots?

While waiting for my mocha, I noticed the customer before me had ordered a “triple tall yatta yatta.” The “yatta yatta” is unimportant, because what piqued my curiosity was the “triple” part.

A “Tall,” rhymes with “small,” is twelve ounces. Their “medium” is “Grande,” or sixteen ounces. Their largest size, “Venti,” is twenty ounces. Since a shot is one ounce, the maximum theoretical per drink is twenty in the “venti.” From field research, I know the small and medium are typically one shot of espresso. The large drink has two. So, I asked the barista, How many shots would they put into one drink? Her answer:

“Poison control limits us to eight. I’ve tried ten. It made me feel miserable.”


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  1. I like a quad venti nonfar latte myself. I just can’t have it after about 2pm or I’m screwed when it comes to sleeping.

  2. This is one of the best nuggets of useless information I have learned in over a fortnight.

  3. Nice.

    A marksman/officer friend of mine (now deceased) talked about what impact a quad mocha had on his aim.

  4. Triple? Bah! If a double shot isn’t working then I recommend a “shot in the dark” or sometimes called a “depth charge”. It’s a double shot in a cup of coffee. The coffee adds additional boost while also acting as a mellower transport mechanism for the pure juice of the espresso.

    Zing! :’)

  5. When I was a contractor at Microsoft with the Visual Basic dev team (1999-2000), Microsoft had brought in a barista to make anything people wanted for free. One of the devs every morning would come by with a 32 oz. coffee mug and ask for a 6 shot mocha. An hour later he’d come back and get a refill (and another 6 shots).

  6. I don’t know which produced a bigger chuckle from my husband and me: the idea that anyone would consume an 8 shot espresso drink, or that Washington Poison Control has regulatory powers.

  7. It’s been my understanding that a specific amount of water can only remove a certain amount of caffeine from the coffee. So the intense flavor of espresso does not directly correlate to more caffeine. Any takers on this?

  8. I have a shot in black coffee. I just ask for “a shot in the dark”. Get it right everytime!

  9. There are several other factors to take into account: 1)the steam pressure may force more caffeine out and 2)the flavor of dark roasts such as espresso roast may be more intense, but caffeine is affected by heat and so espresso roast actually has less caffeine than a medium roast coffee. Hmmm…perhaps these things cancel each other out. I think the main thing about espresso is the amount of caffeine relative to the volume of the finished product. So does a single shot tall cap end up having the same amount of caffeine as the brewed coffee of the day poured into the same 12 oz. cup? Interesting to ponder, but I am just reading and responding to this blog in order to avoid doing my weekend chores, so please understand that I am just

  10. A shot actually 1.25 oz. I actually happen to be a barista and sometimes when a buddy of mine comes in I’ll make him a drink with seven or eight shots just for shits. He couldn’t sit still for a few hours then he fell asleep. 😉

  11. No one has managed to answer the question yet have they?!
    from y experience there is only one shot of espresso in a Latte but here in NZ most people lite to have 2…so I guess it’s all about personal preference.

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