Category: science

Week of worms

The juxtaposition of blog entries about recipes and worms is purely coincidence. (Really.) But since you’re not going to eat breakfast anyway, behold the latest squirmy thing found while making a wet mount from a leaf plucked from Lake Sammamish. […]

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Inattentional blindness

Today’s keynote speaker, Daniel Simons, talked about inattentional blindness, the inability to perceive features in a visual scene you’re not paying attention to. It’s used in movies. For example, in The Matrix, the scene in which Neo and Morpheus first […]

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S happens

Because I’ve been swamped at work, and the book’s due back at the library, I blew through “Why Things Break.” It was a page turner, literally and figuratively, covering topics like the history of Pyrex, why the Titanic’s hull failed […]

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