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Colonoscopy II

Because I had a polyp last time, I was due for a followup at 5- instead of 10-years. Today that happened. <tl;dr> no polyps, am now on a 10-year follow-up.</tl;dr>. Most of what I wrote up in 2017 is identical, so I’ll just note the differences I want to be aware of next time I need to know. Preparation: I […]

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Nutrition Course External References

… speaking of great Coursera offerings, I just finished Katie Ferraro’s excellent Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention course.  Its focus on evidence-based medicine was refreshing and helped clear up a lot of confusion I’ve had from contradictory sources over the years.  Since Coursera content is prone to being archived, I wanted to preserve the extensive set of external references provided so […]

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Cholecystectomy – gallbladder removal

<tl;dr>I had my gallbladder out Thursday.  I’m gonna cut back on the bacon, maybe, but am feeling better.</tl;dr> Exactly 365 days after my kidney stone, I was again experiencing similar symptoms.  I assumed it was one of the tiny calcite terror pre-stones in the inner part of my left kidney.  Kidney stones suck, but for subsequent attacks (in my case), they […]

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