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Hippie Bowls

Hippie Bowls are roasted vegetables over a grain, topped with a lemon-hummus sauce.  It’s become a once-a-week dinner because it’s sooooo easy to make and I love the tastes involve. Hippie Bowls: 2 heads-worth of broccoli florets 1 head-worth of […]

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Good eats in Oregon

It’s been ages since I’d had one of these. But, on our last evening in Ashland, we went to the all-organic place, Grilla Bites. Though they offered burgers, I opted for the portobello sandwich, substituting the bleu cheese for mozzarella. […]

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DIY Mocha

I’ve been pretty happy with the AeroPress (thanks for the suggestion, Scott!) for in-home mocha making.  For the first several dozen cups, I dutifully followed the instructions. It worked pretty well. But as one who gets bored with routine, I […]

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