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For several evenings — I’ve lost count — we’ve received a phone call between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. that my useless caller ID box identifies as “I JS 623/878-4178.” They’ve never left a message. The last two times I’ve picked up the phone, there’s been an eerie, disembodied silence at the other end, like their outbound dialing products were misconfigured. According to reverse lookup, the number was/is registered to “Arizona 1st Land and Home Real Estate Company” of 7728 W. Tumblewood Drive, Peoria, AZ. Update!: The number shows up on Infinite Marketing’s web site. (Screen Capture)

So, I’ve filed a complaint with the Do Not Call registry. I’m not deluding myself into thinking it will do much good, but it can’t hurt, right?

3/25/2006 – Because tomorrow’s the one-year anniversary of this blog entry, here’s some contact information:

Infinite Marketing Group
17235 N. 75th Ave., Bldg. G, Suite 150
Glendale, AZ 85308
Phone: 623-878-4178
Fax: 623-878-4019
Dan Ariola[email protected]
Ken Benckwitz, Director of Telemarketing [email protected]

Domain contact information, likely out of date:

Infinite Marketing Group of AZ, LLC
10820 N 43RD AVE STE 7
GLENDALE, AZ 85304-4149
Phone: 602.298.8800
Fax: 602.298.4294

Articles on Infinite Marketing:

  • Case Study using Data-Tel solutions


  1. Dear Jim,

    I just did a look up on the number you complained about, on Google, and imagine my surprise when I saw the name “Jim Carson.” You see, I’m in NYC, and my former voice teacher is also Jim Carson. I have been thinking a lot about him recently (I had to stop taking lessons with him in 2002), thinking about contacting him, and starting lessons again.

    Obviously, you’re not him, but what a coincidence.


  2. Hi Jim,
    I sleuthed around and found a telemarketing company web site with that phone number. Their street address is: Infinite Marketing, 10820 N 43RD ST, PHOENIX, AZ 85028. (602) 298-8800
    – Sharon

  3. I found your site and the Infinite site via Google. I was looking up the 623 phone number. I received no message and figured I’d find out who was (or wasn’t calling.) Very interesting to see your thread.

  4. They have called me three times now too. Twice I answered, heard background talking, and they then hung up. Not good technique if they are a telemarketing company!!

  5. I’ve been getting hang ups from that same phone number at my work number for about a week. They call, I answer, they hang up. I don’t know if no one is there, its an automated recording that only wants machines, or they specifically don’t like the sound of my voice and don’t want to talk to me! Either way, I’m not hurt by it, but a little annoyed. I did a little hunt on the number and found your comments, so at least I don’t feel so all alone!

  6. I’ve been receiving several calls from this same number but haven’t answered it. No messages were ever left. Recently my brother had answered my phone when this number showed up and a man on the other end had asked to speak to me (knowing my first and last name). I was surprised to find this thread online after I “googled” the number. If it is a telemarketer, then I have no interest in speaking with them.

  7. I just tried calling the 602-298-8800 to rip these people a new one posted and it has been disconnected. If anything, that posting forced THEM to change their number.


  8. If it’s any consolation, I’m no longer on their nightly call list — the desired result. Maybe the complaint with donotcall.gov, where there are fines involved, helped?

  9. Good to know that I’not going crazy with this caller cause I googled the number since they call several times in a week and they never leave a message. Well, they’re still calling and that same number of 623-878-4178 is showing up. Well, thanks for the thread cause now I’m just gonna keep ignoring it and not worry about who it is.

  10. They called me last night. I didnt answer. I reported them on the DNC website anyway.

  11. I called 623-878-4178 back this evening. The phone was answered as Infinite Marketing and one of the choices was to leave your name and number to be removed from the DNC list. I guess that’s progress as I’ve been receiving 2 or 3 calls a day and found this site by searching on the phone number in Google.

  12. I’ve been getting calls from this number on my business line a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks now and it’s driving me insane. (Oh wait. Been there, done that.) I went ahead and filed a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry too. Hi ho.

  13. I just started last week here and they have been calling 3-4 times a day and just hanging up. I get that message when i call them back to leave a message to be taken off of their call list but i don’t have such high hopes. i found their website


    and heres something else

    “Infinite Marketing Group
    17235 N. 75th Ave., Bldg. G, Suite 150
    Glendale, AZ 85308
    Phone: 623-878-4178
    Fax: 623-878-4019

    Infinite Marketing Group
    [email protected]

  14. Infinity Marketing constantly calls our 800#. Everytime they call, whether the receptionist picks up or it goes into voice mail system, it costs us money (we pay for any calls coming into our 800#). We are infuriated and are filing a complaint.

  15. PLEASE make sure everyone on this site understands that they should file a complaint with the FCC regarding these calls. Complaints to the DNC list is unlikely to produce results.

    Go to: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/complaints.html

    Click on “Form 475” which is an electronic complaint submission. Be prepared to submit IMG’s full company information, which people have been so kind as to post already.

    With enough complaints from all of these persons, hopefully IMG will be investigated and fined. Believe me, if this site has shown so many angry voices out there, it must mean there are a whole lot more who are getting these illegal calls. IMG is violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and they need to be stopped. You, as members of the public, acting together, can do this.

  16. I received seven phone calls from this number this evening. Seven. Not cool. Go get ’em, kids.

  17. Well, the asshats are at it again. I’ve filed more complaints.

  18. Every third day now, I have been plagued with this call! I do not answer, but it is Infinite Marketing (caller I.D.). After “Googling” the #, I found you!
    All I have to say is, every time they call me, I go to the “Do Not call Registry” website and register my complaint! I have a blocked, non-published # & they are getting through. This is utter crap!!!

  19. I have requested the FCC and Qwest to terminate phone service the illegal caller, Infinite Marketing Group:

    “My phone number is on the Do-Not-Call registry, however, the recalcitrant swine at Infinite Marketing continue to call and call every day.
    Please arrange with the registered carrier Qwest Corporation to discontinue service to these clowns.
    “Infinite Marketing Group
    17235 N. 75th Ave., Bldg. G, Suite 150
    Glendale, AZ 85308
    Phone: 623-878-4178 and Fax: 623-878-4019

    see web site http://www.wt8p.com/a/2005/03/623_8784178.shtml
    for details of this illegal calling”

  20. everyone – i hope this works.

    to [email protected]

    remove 206-799-xxxx from your call list.

    Filing for: 206-799-xxxx has been received by the FCC
    Thanks for your information.
    When inquiring about your complaint, be sure to reference the following confirmation number:

    FORM475: 06-W11624011

    Additionally, be sure to mention that you filed this complaint over the internet.
    Finally, the carrier will have 30-45 days to respond to this complaint.

    i am filing a complain against you every day until there are 10 consecutive days that you do not call.

    am i clear?

    good luck to us all.

  21. I just started getting calls on my cell phone from this same number. I looked through Infinite Marketing Group’s website and had a good laugh at the two frat boys running the company.

    I’ll file complaints with the FCC as well.

  22. Thanks to you and your commenters for posting this valuable information. I have been hearing from Infinite Marketing several times a week. Taking your advice, I filed an FCC complaint that hopefully will get them off our collective backs.

  23. Coincidentally, ten minutes after the previous comment, guess who just called.

    Filed complains with the Do Not Call registry and the FCC (#06-W11636677).

  24. Funny, they just called me again, and this time I answered. It turns out that they were marketing for the Seattle Times-P.I. Frank Blethen strikes again!

    When I posted my last comment, I didnt’ realize that you were in the Northwest. I found out by scrolling around your blog. Very nice!

  25. Dang, they just called me again — 2:28 p.m. — and this time there was a person on the other end representing the Seattle Times. I also found a reference to Yahoo using their services.

  26. of course, google also brought me here. rather, infinite markeing group really brought me here.

    i notice that some of the above posters also live in seattle, and that in fact at least one client of these idiots is the times/pi. i would suggest that anyone in the seattle area who would assumedly be getting these calls on behalf of said newspapers should let those papers know how irritating is is to be so bothered by by their agents. i will, as well.

  27. I am also in the Seattle area and have been annoyed by these calls at least twice a day for the last five days. After reading the post just above mine, I am convinced the calls to me are from representatives for the Seattle Times, as they have done this to me before using different telemarketers. I WILL be filing a complaint because I don’t know how many times I have to tell them I can barely read the Sunday paper, and getting a paper everyday would just be wasteful. Anyway, thanks so much, Jim, for your site–I wish someone would do this for all the annoying companies and their phone numbers–they seem to know how to slip through the loopholes in the Do Not Call Registry guidelines.

  28. I’ve reported IMG of AZ to the FCC after a month of almost daily no message/hangup calls. Hope they burn.

  29. I live in Seattle, and just got one of these calls at work. The caller ID showed something like “IMG of AZ, LLC”.

    I google’d “623 878 4178” and found this thread.

  30. Hello,

    I live in the Chicago area and have had numerous calls from this number. I googled the number and was sent here. I am now going to lodge a complaint. The weird this is that my number is unlisted. It has amazed me that they were able to receive my number.

  31. These idiots have called me at work and at home. We seem to have something in common in Seattle. We subscribe to the Seattle Times. Complaint filed.

  32. Same as the rest, it’s the Seattle Times. I called them at 206-464-2121 and asked to be placed on their Do Not Call List. They seemed fine with that. We’ll see. Thanks for letting me know who was doing the calling.

  33. Yeah, I was a sucker and answered one of the incoming calls on my cell phone only to hear a recording tell me, “This is a marketing call from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Sorry, there are no representatives available to take your call.” No one to take *my* call?!?

    Anyway, the PI just put this article out too – Cell phones still safe from telemarketers (http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/lifestyle/283576_tf105.html).


  34. Complaints will likely go nowhere as many of us have an “existing business relationship” by just having a Times or PI subscription, which allows IMG to contact us.

    Best bet is to call the Times or PI and ask to be removed from their calling lists as noted above or update your account information and change your contact phone number to 623-878-4178. 😉

  35. I’ve gotten 4 calls at work today so far, with no messages; have received numerous calls in the past but never thought to investigate until now. I’m also in Seattle, and a Sunday Times subscriber. Thanks for doing the legwork on this — will definitely lodge my complaints (“existing business relationship” or not, they can kiss my you know what).

  36. IMG has been calling here at least twice a day for weeks. Googling “IMG of AZ, LLC” led me to this thread. Nice to know we’re not the only ones these nimrods are bugging. I’m thinking of calling the Seattle Times-P.I. and doing as Mike suggested above–changing my contact number to 623-878-4178. LMAO

  37. “IMG of AZ. LLC” has been calling me twice a day for the last 3 weeks. I never pick their phone and have never received any message. If this is on behalf of Seattle Times, I am going to suspend my sunday newspaper too. Sucks

  38. IMG of Az,LLC ,Well I hope they have left everyone else alone, now their calling us in Indiana, Mine just started today,Did’nt answer to see what they are offering, They are very annoying ,This thread has been very helpful and good luck to all

  39. This same phone number (623)878-4178 has been calling my home for months at least 6 to 9 times a day! I have had enough! I have two children under the age of 2 who take naps at different times of the day and it seems like every time I get one to sleep the phone starts ringing off the hook. I am not sure of what steps I should take to get my number off of their list…this is harrassment.

  40. I live in the Chicago area and I am receiving annoying calls from this number,as well. Thanks for the information about filing a complaint. You all have saved me a lot of time researching the steps to take. I’m not sure how much good it will do, but I’m hopeful.

  41. I just got a call from them claiming they wanted to give me the New York Post (I live in CA) for free. Has anyone thought of contacting the SeatlePI or the Post to complain about this company…?

    Seems if we get their customers to start questioning their practices, they may change faster than based on FCC complaints.

  42. I am getting the calls too with only growls and once the guy said “Bitch”


  43. They are still at it!! After recieving multiple daily harassment calls from this number, I looked it up on the net and found you here. I live in the Chicagoland area. I haven’t even been ANYWHERE west of the state of llinois… Why is this company from Seattle annoying me? I also filed a complaint…

  44. They are calling my office’s toll free number about 6 times a day and not leaving a message. I’m in NW Indiana. I just called them back (hit redial) and there is an option to dial extension 205 to be placed on their Do Not Call list. Give that a try. I did-so I’ll be interested to see if it works.

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